See the impact BEST Bags has had at Allen.

What are BEST Bags?

Allen Elementary School, our Kids Hope USA partner school, has a great need. Over 90% of the children at Allen are eligible for free or reduced lunches. Many families rely on the breakfast, lunch and snacks their children eat during the week. Weekend food resources for these families at home are sometimes scarce. That's where BEST Bags comes in!

BEST stands for Bless Each Student Today, and it is our hope that sending BEST Bags filled with food home with students will help them get through the weekend well nourished. Each bag will have enough food for two healthy breakfasts, lunches and snacks.

I just had to write to tell you what an amazing impact the BEST bags are having on the children here at Allen. Last Friday I was sick and our secretary helped distribute the bags and she just had them come down to the office to pick them up. It worked so well that I did the same this week. As she called down the various grades, they all came RUNNING to me with HUGE grins and their backpacks open. They were literally jumping up and down with excitement while waiting. Everyone told me that they loved the food -especially frosted flakes - and they were so happy to have it again. You would think they were being given an extravagant Christmas present based on their excitement. One child looked at me, and with a hopeful look, asked, "will I get one of these EVERY WEEK?" When the child was told that they would, they jumped up and down and said "oh, thank you!"

Please, please thank everyone at your church who is contributing to this program. I wish everyone could see the amount of excitement and joy your food is bringing to these children. I was fighting back tears by the time I was done today. You were the hands and feet of Jesus today! Thank you again and again!

Debbie Stiles
Counselor, Allen Elementary School

How Can I Help?

It costs $5 per week to provide a BEST Bag for one student. We will be starting with 50 students (picked by the school) during the 2014-15 school year, with hopes of growing that number in the years to come. So, here's where YOU come in!

Please DO NOT DONATE FOOD. If you want to help, pease donate money. We can then make sure we have the food we need, and we can often purchase it at quantity discounts to make the money go further.