Celebrate Recovery

Thursdays @ 6pm starting October 13, 2016
BORN Campus

Celebrate Recovery is a bible-based ministry helping people find freedom from the hurts, hang-ups and habits in their lives. Low self-esteem, alcoholism, eating disorders, codependency, drug abuse, abandonment, resentment, pornography, and a history of abuse are just a few of the issues this program can help people overcome while exploring the truth of God’s word.

Many people misunderstand Celebrate Recovery and think it’s all about those people who have drug and alcohol concerns. Although we truly deal with that, we address many other issues! This experience allows us to be changed. We open the door by sharing our experience, strengths and hopes with one another. In addition, we become willing to accept God’s grace in solving our lives’ problems. By working and applying these Biblical principles, we begin to grow spiritually. We become free from our addictive, compulsive, and dysfunctional behaviors. This freedom creates peace, serenity, joy, and most importantly a stronger personal relationship with God and others. Welcome to an Amazing Spiritual Adventure!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have a drug or alcohol problem to attend CR?

Not at all...All kinds of issues are addressed at CR. Drugs and alcohol are only one part.

Do I have to attend church at Hanfield to participate in CR?

Absolutely not...You are welcome to attend any open CR event as long as you are 18 years of age or older, regardless of church attendance.

Do I have to talk and share at CR?

You're not required to share or be called upon to answer any questions.

What is an "Open Share Group?"

Open share groups are opportunities for you to meet with others dealing with issues just like yours. These groups are open to everyone.

Do you have more questions about CR?

Feel free to contact us at 765.664.8726 and we will answer your questions.