Nov 6 2016

The Final Obstacle

So, we come to the end of this part of Joshua's story. And here we find an act of outrageous obedience. Even though the city was impregnable and the plan was absurd, Joshua still obeyed the Lord. Are there Jericho walls in your life? Like Joshua, you need outrageous obedience.

Oct 23 2016

Heart Check

When Joshua assumed he had God's favor, he received a check of the spirit. A mysterious person, identified as the commander of God's army, appeared to him. He immediately fell facedown and asked what message the Lord had for him. In these "heart check" moments, God is whispering to us to stop, drop, and pray.

Oct 9 2016

Memorial Day

After Israel crossed the Jordan River, they stopped. Why didn't they march on to Jericho? Why did they stop? To remember what God had just done for them. They took twelve stones from the middle of the Jordan River and made a memorial to remind future generations that God allowed them to cross the Jordan on dry ground. Faith remembers, and then it advances.

Sep 25 2016

The Future is Now

Joshua faced a daunting questions as he prepared to lead Israel across the Jordan River: When do you wait, and when do you go? Israel was camped at the banks of the Jordan River at flood stage. Logical thinking would state that you find an easier location to cross, or wait until summer when the river was at a lower stage. Joshua got the answer to his question: You move when God speaks. God spoke and what happened next is a miracle still being talked about thousands of years later.

Sep 18 2016

The Faith Supplement

How do faith and learning (or knowledge) go together? There are some that say that seeking too much knowledge "cheapens" your faith. Today we see that good information supplements great faith. But in order to gather good information, you must trust the right things. Joshua sent out spies to Jericho, not to gain tactical information, but to confirm his faith in God that He really would give them victory over this formidable adversary. Faith with knowledge makes you authentic.

Sep 11 2016

A New Day

When Joshua took over as leader of Israel after Moses died, there was one day circled on his calendar: the battle of Jericho. He knew that defeating Jericho was key to Israel possessing the land God had promised them. The nation looked to Joshua as the new leader, and this transition could either block or pave the way forward for them. We look at some of the challenges Joshua faced and discover how we can learn from his example as we face our own transition challenges.

Oct 2 2016


Chief of Staff Brad Terhune shares the story of an Old Testament character you don't normally hear about: Manasseh. Manasseh was one of Judah's most evil kings, doing many detestable things in the sight of the Lord. But Manasseh's story is also a story of grace. In captivity in Babylon, he called out to the Lord. He repented of his ways and the Lord restored his kingdom to him. If God can forgive Manasseh, He can surely extend that same grace to us!

Aug 28 2016


For our Missions Weekend 2016 we celebrate the ministry of Nathan & Jade Metz in Uganda. They have been there for two years and are currently back in the US on furlough. Nathan shares with us a sermon about discipleship; about how we are to be incarnational, transformational, and unbelievable in our witness for Jesus to the world around us.

Aug 21 2016


We conclude our August mini sermon series on Methodist Distinctives with a message about fellowship. John Wesley was obsessed with keeping his new converts connected to each other. In fact, commitment to a group is the most important organizational trait of Methodism. We learn there are two kinds of fellowship described in the New Testament: Organic (free-flowing, unplanned fellowship) and Programmatic (planned times of fellowship). We also discover the formula for Devotion (Discipline + Desire).

Aug 14 2016


During the month of August, we are examining unique Methodist Distinctives. These unique traits were at the heart of the Wesleyan Revival that swept around the world brining 6 million new believers into The Kingdom at its onset and continues to change lives to this day. John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist movement, paid special attention to a heart-changing salvation, a life-changing sanctification, and community-shaping accountability. We're presenting these as grace, growth, and group distinctives. Rev. Brad Terhune, our Chief of Staff, tackled the growth distinctive with the help of Rev. Chris Williams who provided an outlined and well researched sermon to build from in the sermon GROWTH...A Story of Transformation (God's Work IN You).

Aug 7 2016


During the month of August, we will examine what makes us unique as Methodists. John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist movement, described the salvation experience in four steps, all having to do with a different aspect of grace. As he went from a head knowledge to a heart transformed by Christ, he experienced many different kinds of grace along the way.

Jul 31 2016

How to Pray Effectively

We conclude our study of James this week, studying his exhortations on prayer. James, like us, believed that God can do anything, but for some reason he "limits himself" to give us an opportunity to ask. We have the responsibility to ask him for things in prayer; we have the authority over earthly things through prayer; and we have the permission to "nag" God if at first He doesn't answer our prayer. So, yes, God can do anything; but he asks us to do our part first.

Jul 24 2016

How to Be Ready

Just as James sometimes took a "sidebar" to talk about something different, we are using the text today to take our own "sidebar." Today we tackle a topic not preached on often at Hanfield: The Last Days. We study the many views of the end times, what the Millennium is, and whether Jesus will come back before or after it. Regardless of your views on the end times, one thing is sure: In order to be ready for whatever happens, you must live fully today for Christ.

Jul 17 2016

How to Live the Best Christian Life

A passionate Pastor James exhorts us to quit settling for good enough as Christians. We must check ourselves in many areas so that we can live life to the fullest. The key? Surrendering everything to Christ.

Jul 10 2016

How to Tame the Tongue

The tongue is a small part of the body, yet it can get us into lots of trouble! This week we study James 3 as he talks about taming the tongue. The practical James states that no one can tame it; yet when we combine that with doctrine and the gospel, we find that we can with the help of the Holy Spirit, and if we need that help, we simply need to ask!

Jul 3 2016

How to Live Out Your Faith

James is different from many of Paul's writings in that they seem to be more practical in nature, where Paul is more doctrinal. But are there times when they seem to contradict each other? Paul states a case for being saved through faith and not works (and he's right), but James goes a step further and says that faith alone, if not accompanied by action, is dead. So who is right? Well, they both are, and James' whole point is that we need to practice what we believe.

Jun 26 2016

How to Win Friends & Influence People

If we could go back in time, we'd see that while many things have changed, one has not: Human nature. That is why James is still so relevant today. In this passage, James asks us to look into a spiritual mirror. In this mirror, James warns against anger, but also tells us to back up our talk about Jesus with action. So how do we win friends and influence people? One word: Love.

Jun 19 2016

How to Profit From Trials

James gets right to the point at the beginning of his letter: He makes it clear that we will have trials, and that we are to rejoice ("consider it joy") when we face them. Why? Two reasons: Trials develop perseverance and they develop maturity. When we stand up to the test, we will receive the crown of life Jesus has promised us if we love Him. So what does it mean to be spiritually mature? To realize that God knows and I don't.

May 29 2016

Imaginary Faith

If Google were around in Bible times, what would the result be when you googled "faith"? Most likely, it would be the book of James. We begin our series Google: Faith with a survey of the book. James is more practical in nature than Paul. Through his book, we will discover that imaginary faith is "what you know" but real faith is "what you do."

Jun 12 2016

Life Line: Pick One

Jesus said He came to give us life, and give it to us abundantly (or, to the fullest). Is "abundant" how you would describe your life? If not, guest speaker Jeff Herron says there's good news - you have a choice! You can choose to live life to the fullest, or to muddle through just trying to survive. But you cannot just choose - you have to take that first courageous step of faith and trust God for the rest. Which line will you choose?

Jun 5 2016

For Such A Time as This

Missionary Bill Allshouse draws on his experiences in Mexico, as well as Nehemiah's experiences rebuilding the wall in Jerusalem, to talk about God's plan for us. There are countless times when we find ourselves in just the right situation to help others. It is at those times that we realize that God has put us in that place "for such a time as this." Are you listening to God's voice? Are you where He wants you?

May 22 2016

Committed Acts of Thriving

When Jesus called Simon Peter, James and John to follow him, we discover through that story that he wants us to thrive. We continue our study of spiritual disciplines with one that is hard to grasp for many: Generosity. God actually tells us to test him to see if we can outgive Him (hint: you can't!). So, what's the next step for YOU to thrive?

May 15 2016

Pearl Divers

We continue our light-hearted series on Peace, Love & Happiness with a look at the spiritual practice of simplicity. Does God still speak? How do we hear him amid the distractions of life? What really makes us happy? We discover that happiness is one thing, and that one thing is the Kingdom of God. So what makes you happy?

May 8 2016

Gifts From Mom

On Mother's Day, we continue our study of spiritual disciplines with one that is inherent in most moms: Service. We all have spiritual gifts, but how do we help our church fulfill the Great Commission (to go into all the world to spread God's Kingdom) with our gifts? We unlock how this week as we continue to pursue Peace, Love & Happiness.

May 1 2016

The Prayer Paradox

We begin a light-hearted look at spiritual disciplines in May with a series entitled Love, Peace & Happiness. The first discipline we discover is prayer. We take a look at what we call a "prayer paradox" as we examine what God's part is and what our part is when we pray.

Apr 24 2016

Rediscover God's Word

We conclude our study of the boy king Josiah. When God's Word was found, he rediscovered the covenant God had with Israel as he followed the Lord's commands "with all his heart and soul." That covenant was based on rules. We have a different covenant today, based on our relationship to Jesus Christ. How can you rediscover this covenant and God's Word? The answer is simple: Read It!

Apr 17 2016

Rediscover God's Word

This week we come to one of the most exciting events in the history of Judah's kings: the discovery of the Book of the Law of the Lord during King Josiah's reign. We will discover that this changed everything and transformed Josiah's faith. Do you need to rediscover the Word? It's simple: Read it!

Apr 3 2016

Rediscover God's People

We start a series about the boy king Josiah, who led Judah on a return to the Lord after 57 years of spiritual decline and idolatry. We learn that renewal starts when we being to seek the Lord, but it is the follow through that really brings revival. If we love Jesus, we must love His people: the church; the bride of Christ.

Mar 27 2016

There Can Be Miracles

Just as the Red Sea was the definitive miracle of the Old Covenant, so the Resurrection is the definitive miracle of the New Covenant. Do you believe in miracles? Jesus brought a new way of thinking: believe, then you will see. And when you believe, the greatest miracle of all is a transformed life.

Mar 20 2016

Gems of the Passover

Where do we see Jesus in the Passover? Why did he pick the Passover feast as the time when he would make his sacrifice for us? This week we will discover that Jesus' death and resurrection has many ties to this ancient Jewish festival as we explore several gems of truth from the first Passover.

Mar 13 2016

Principles from the Plagues

What can we learn from the first nine plagues? They are essentially an argument between Pharaoh and God (through Moses). Their purpose was for the Egyptians to acknowledge God as Lord. Moses may not have understood why God was making them go through the plagues, but when we don't understand what God is doing, we must simply say, "Yes, Lord."

Mar 6 2016

When God Sleeps

Does God ever check out? Does it seem like He leaves you alone, with more important things to do somewhere else? Why to bad things happen to good people? In this sermon, we talk about a chapter in Exodus where quite frankly, God doesn't look so good. He called Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt, yet when he finally obeys, God seems to do nothing while Pharaoh brings trouble upon them because of Moses. But in the end, God knows what He is doing, so when you're not sure what's up, wait on Him.

Feb 28 2016

Burning Bush League

This week we hear the story of the burning bush - how God called Moses to deliver his people. Although your story may not be as dramatic as Moses', you too have been called. Have you heard it? We discover that God does not call the qualified, he qualifies the called. Need discernment about God's call on you? Sharpen your spiritual awareness and look for it.

Feb 21 2016

Flawed People

Think you're too messed up for God to use you? Moses probably thought the same thing. After all, he murdered an Egyptian and as a result had to flee for his life to Midian. Moses was just as imperfect as the rest of us, and must have thought he was disqualified from serving God by helping his follow Hebrews. However, God still had a plan for him. In fact, God uses all kids of flawed people to accomplish His will. Still think He can't use you? Take heart, God isn't finished with you yet (no matter what you've done).

Feb 7 2016

Rescue Me

We begin the series on the Exodus with the story of Moses' birth. Moses was rescued from the kind's edict that all Hebrew children be killed. This rescue eventually set him up for all that was to happen next. Certainly, his parents and Moses himself had no idea what God had in store for him. Do you ever feel like God isn't listening? Like he has abandoned you? Remember, we cannot see the big picture, and God is always at work. So, you can have faith and trust His method, timing, and future. All you have to do is have faith and keep praying.

Jan 31 2016

The Joseph Principle

As a "prequel" to this sermon series on Exodus, Pastor Chuck talks about the life of Joseph. Joseph went through quite a bit, and had many things ahppen to him that were simply unfair. But he continued to trust God even when life didn't make sense, and in the end, that trust was rewarded. He leaned fully on God, and not his own understanding (Proverbs 3:5)

Feb 14 2016

Real Love

Guest speaker Curtis Banker shares a Valentine's Day message with us about (what else?) love. Love does not always look like we want it to on earth, but there is One we can look to who shows us what true love really is.

Jan 24 2016

The Dirty Towel

We conclude our sermon series on first century symbols for 2016 with a lesser-known symbol: the towel. Which is more important for the 21st century church: Service or Evangelism? Service is not many people's first choice, but it is essential to an effective witness to others. Jesus set the example by washing his disciples' feet, thus the dirty towel as a symbol of service. So, when you see a towel, think of Focusing Out and serving others.

Jan 17 2016

The Pointing Fish

Which is more important for the 21st century church: Fellowship or Evangelism? As we continue our study of first century symbols, we discover the pointing fish (or "ichthus") that was a symbol of identification for first century Christians. In those days, fellowship was a matter of life and death due to Roman persecution. Through this symbol, we learn that Jesus equated fellowship with evangelism, which should encourage us to Plug In with other Christians.

Jan 3 2016

The Empty Cross

Which is more important for the 21st century church? Worship or Evangelism? We begin a sermon series about symbols this week; how first century symbols are still relevant for us today. This week we examine the empty cross as it points us toward Jesus' resurrection. The challenge each time we see an empty cross in 2016: Lift Up the name of Jesus.

Dec 20 2015

Family Mess

Do your holidays always seem to look like something out of "Christmas Vacation" - a little less than perfect? Take heart, every family has its "messes." But despite all its foibles, the family is where foundations are laid. Even Jesus' family wasn't perfect, so don't stress over yours. "Christmasize" your holidays this year by celebrating your family, even at its less than finest moments.

Dec 13 2015

The Church: A Gift From God

BORN Campus Pastor Chuck Vernon continues are Advent sermon series on Christmasizing Your Holidays with a message about gifts. The church is a dynamic gift to the world. God has given each of us in the church specific gifts to share His love to the world. The building is not the church; it is simply where the church meets. You are the church: Take the Gospel into the world!

Dec 6 2015

Only 19 Shopping Days Till Christmas

Do you shop online, or do you brave the crowds at the malls at Christmas? Where is the happy medium between spending money and spending time with loved ones? How can you "Christmasize" your holiday in 2015? This week, we continue the story of the Magi to see where they found "exceeding great joy" during that early Christmas season.

Nov 29 2015

Merry Winter Solstice

Do you want to "Christmasize" your holidays in 2015? How can we keep Jesus first in our lives during the busiest month of the year? This week we see that after a long journey, the Magi were probably exhausted, yet they took the time to "bow down and worship him." Of course, we will all be busy this year, and that's not going to change. But how can we sing the challenge of keeping Christ in Christmas?

Nov 22 2015

The Next Movement

We conclude the TRUST Movement series with a look at how Paul continued on after his second missionary journey. How did he keep his "edge" for the next lap?

Nov 15 2015

Finish Line

There is a season for everything. This week we examine the end of Paul's second missionary journey. How did he finish? What did he accomplish with God's help? How did God help him through this season in his life? How is God helping you in whatever season you find yourself?

Nov 8 2015

Thrive Again

When Paul was nearing the end of his second missionary journey, he was ready to call it quits early. But God had a designed turning point ready for him, catching him by surprise and prolonging his ministry in a city he was ready to flee.

Nov 1 2015

The Thriving Attitude

Passion drives action. But passion "leaks" and we don't always feel passionate about ministry or mission. So what are you supposed to do when you run out of passion? We examine a period in Paul's second missionary journey where he runs out of passion, but keeps being obedient and pressing on in spite of the lack of passion. That's what we are to do: When you run out of passion, keep doing what you know you're supposed to be doing. Then you can THRIVE!

Oct 25 2015

The Methodist Movement

As we follow Paul on his second missionary journey, we find him in Athens, debating and reasoning with the greatest thinkers of his time. He had a great opportunity to witness to these people, and we find that opportunity came about because he was willing to look, overlook, and relook. The bottom line is, he was filled with compassion for these people.

Oct 18 2015

Christian Royals

The Thessalonians were described as being "more noble in character" than some others. What did this mean? What it basically boiled down to is they were more generous. Generous with their time, their abilities, and yes, their money. How can you be "more noble"? Be more generous!

Oct 11 2015

The TRUST Movement Model

This week we examine what is at the heart of good witnessing. There are many methods and skills, each of which are effective in their own context, but is there something that is at the core of all of them? As we continue with Paul on his second missionary journey, we discover the answer: Love.

Oct 4 2015

Break Through; Follow Through

Sep 13 2015

The Waiting Season

Aug 23 2015

Ethiopian Eunuch: Aqua Man

This week we study the story of Philip as he goes down the desert road and witnesses to a man of importance - the treasurer in charge of all of the Queen of Ethiopia's finances. The eunuch is reading Isaiah and is intrigued by it, but doesn't understand it. Starting with the very passage he is reading, Philip leads him to the Lord and he is baptized. The main character of this story is not a person; it is Grace. How do you relate to grace?

Aug 2 2015

Daniel: Alien Man

Do teams playing at home have an advantage? How do you win when you're on the road? This week we examine Daniel, an Israelite who was "playing on the road" as a foreign exile in Babylon. How did he continue to honor God while on the enemy's turf? He played the game right, he looked home first, and he continued training. Ultimately, he remembered that God is in control.

Jul 19 2015

Esther: Queen for This Day

We continue our look at biblical Super Heroes of faith this week with Esther. Esther was a Jew who was promoted to Queen because she looked really good. But when the evil prime minister tricked the king into passing a law allowing all Jews to be killed, Esther took advantage of the divine opportunity she had and stepped in to save her people. When God wanted to save a nation, he chose an ordinary person: Esther.

Jul 12 2015

The Fantastic Four

This week we hear about three biblical Super Heroes of the faith from the Old Testament: Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. We all know the childhood bible story, but from this story we learn a lesson of faith. Even when their hope was dead, they did not waver from their convictions and stayed the course. They were the Fantastic Three (or was it Four?).

Jul 5 2015

Timothy: Man on Fire

Many heroes of the Bible had weaknesses. Timothy's weakness was that he was timid. Paul writes to him to remind him to fan into flame the gift God gave him. God wants us to catch fire, and He has given us the fuel, spark, and drive to do just that. In the end, Timothy did use his gift, making him a biblical Super Hero of faith.

Jun 28 2015

For Truth, Justice, and the Kingdom Way

In this series, we discovered the Who and What of spiritual gifts. This week we ask Why? Why did God give us these gifts? Our study brings us back to our year-long theme at Hanfield: generosity. These gifts are meant to build up the body of Christ; to promote the church's unity, maturity, and fertility. And, in the end, our generosity (as a church and as individuals).

Jun 21 2015

The League of Extraordinary Ladies and Gentlemen

We continue our series about spiritual gifts. Last time, we discovered WHO has these gifts (answer: All Christians do!). This week, we discover WHAT some of these gifts are. They are listed in Ephesians 4:11, Romans 12:3-8, and 1 Corinthians 12. There are at least 20 of them, and most likely you have at least 3 of them. Since you have these gifts, since you are a part of the league (team, crew, body...), you WILL affect the outcome.

Jun 7 2015

They Walk Among Us

We being a new sermon series called "Super Powers." We all know about super heroes, and the different ways they acquired their powers. They are the choen few given the responsibility to use those powers for good. There is a little hidden theology in those stories - just like those super heroes, God gives out "super powers." They are called spiritual gifts. And who are the chosen few? We (Christians) are! So the question is: Will you use your powers for good or evil?

May 31 2015

The Hole-in-One Club

As we continue talking about generosity, we ask the question, "What is the goal of generosity?" it is not something we want FROM you, but FOR you. It is a response to God's grace, Grace is an offer, it is a lifestyle, and leads to generosity. Christ gave so much to us; how can we do anything but give back all we have to Him? So what is the goal of generosity? Eternal life!

May 24 2015

The New Ball

We continue our series on generosity by discovering that Jesus sees and counts differently thatn the world does. There will be times when things don't go our way, but Jesus has promised us an abundant life (John 10:10). So how do we live in that abundance? Who determines the flow? The answer might surprise you.

May 10 2015

Teeing It Up

In John 10, Jesus promised his followers abundant life. And earlier in John, he promised the woman at the well "living water." So where do we find this living water? How do we get this abundant life? This week, we examine the search for this life and discover that the abundance is not meant to be hoarded, but to be flowed through us. This life flow has a name: Generosity.